Affiliate Disclosure


“Key Wholesale Vendors” and its retained businesses and related businesses reserves all rights, including the right to amend or delete any blog post, information, or content and is not required to provide any prior notice regarding any content changes on the blog.

Please advise Key Wholesale Vendors if you believe that the company has used your content on the blog without proper credit so that we may add the proper credit or remove the content if you desire. You may email Key Wholesale Vendors at this email address:


Key Wholesale Vendors does not tolerate the posting of comments that may violate the rights of any member of a protected class, comments that incite violence or harmful behavior, or comments that we may find offensive or inappropriate. Key Wholesale Vendors is not required to provide any explanation regarding the removal of any such comments from the blog.

Key Wholesale Vendors may take action against commenters violating this comment moderation policy, including banning the commenter from the blog and/or deleting the commenter’s blog posts.


Key Wholesale Vendors participates in Amazon Affiliate program and various other affiliate programs.

These affiliate links may appear on the blog and may pay a commission, provide free products or services, or discounted products and services to the company.

Key Wholesale Vendors may also participate in the following and receive compensation as a result:

  • Sponsored content
  • Giveaways with products and services provided by others
  • Product and service reviews

Participation may appear on the Key Wholesale Vendors blog and social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms. Product reviews, posts, and sponsorships on the blog or any of the company’s social media do not imply any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Key Wholesale Vendors may use hashtags to indicate advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate links and other business relationships where the company may receive a benefit or something of value. These hashtags include, but are not limited to, #ad, #advertisement, #sponsoredpost, #sponsored, and #affiliate.

If you have any concerns about our disclosure of business relationships, you may email Key Wholesale Vendors here: